Imagine a no maintenance, long-lasting, beautiful garden decking that benefits the environment. Now you can own one!

Proven in thousands of homes in North America, Ezedeck is a radical new garden decking system that frees you from the chores of maintenance and allows you to create a practical and eye-catching garden feature that actually benefits the environment!

Ezedeck captures all of the warmth, texture and beauty of natural wood. Available in a growing range of hardwood finishes, the Ezedeck system of ready-made components and simple construction ensures a truly elegant addition to your garden.

Ezedeck requires no maintenance other than the occasional brush over or wipe down with soapy water. It will never split, splinter or warp. It is impervious to water so it will never rot and it defies fungal and insect infestation. Ezedeck puts an end to sanding, preserving, varnishing and painting garden decking to give you more time with your feet up.

Environmentally beneficial
Ezedeck combines the beauty of hardwoods with the benefits of recycling technology. Made from a revolutionary thermoplastic, Ezedeck reclaims styrene waste from the bio-chain, reduces hardwood logging and eliminates the need to use hazardous preservative chemicals. With Ezedeck you look at beauty – not landfill sites.