Pros and Cons Of Composite Decking

Ok, so you have decided you want decking for your garden, and one of the contenders is composite decking, but have you weighed up every pro and con?  We say that because there may have been someone who has told you that composite decking is the only option you should consider. On the other hand, you may have had a friend say that timber decking has to be your choice.

We can understand if your head might be spinning by all the votes for and votes against composite decking  so to help you move your decision along we are going to outline some of the pros and cons of composite decking and do so in as neutral a manner as we can. You might wonder why would want to list the ‘cons’ of composite decking, and that deserves an explanation.

In truth, EVERY product that exists has at least one or two downsides, and anyone who tells you otherwise is doing you a huge disservice. Even though we love composite decking, it is not perfect for everyone, and whilst it has many advantages, there are some disadvantages too, which we have a duty as Sydney deck builders to tell you.

Pros Of composite Decking

Large Choice Of Colours

You do not need to stain composite decking in the same way you would timber decking in order to get the colour you want. Instead, you simply choose the colour which matches or suits the exterior of your home.

Environmentally Friendly

Many of the manufacturers who supply composite decking only use recycled materials and thus it is regarded as being very environmentally friendly.

Modern Technology

Advances in design and technology mean that the composite decking used today is manufactured using the best possible processes. The benefit to consumers is that their decking will be more durable with one example being the bonding of hard plastic shells to decking panels. Apart from improved durability this also reduces scratching and staining.

Less Maintenance

Compared to other decking materials, such as timber, composite decking is a maintenance lite. In other words, apart from cleaning it with soapy water and rinsing it, there is little else you need do to maintain it.

Cons Of Composite Decking

It Is Not Natural

The one huge disadvantage composite decking has compared to timber decking is that it does not look natural, and for many that is why they use timber. We are not saying it doesn’t look good, but it can’t compete with the natural look of timber.

The Colour Is Permanent

You need be aware that when you choose your composite decking colour, that is the colour you are stuck with for its life span. Unlike timber which can be stained or painted, composite decking is coloured permanently, and thus cannot be changed.

Higher Initial Cost

Unless you are choosing premium hardwood timber decking, it is likely that composite decking is going to cost you more compared to most other decking, including timber. Bear in mind you may save some back due the cost of maintenance being less.

Colour Fade

After a number of years, especially if it has been exposed to direct sunlight, composite decking can start to fade. The problem here is that on timber decking you can restain or colour, however, with composite decking you cannot.


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