The Grass is Greener on Your Side – Here’s How

When lawn care hasn’t been your top priority over the years, it’s easy for your lawns to no longer look at their best. You may even be looking at neighbouring properties with envy, wondering if your grass will ever look as vibrant as theirs. It can. In fact, if you focus more on what your lawns are lacking, you may see them end up looking even better than the properties around you.

What to Do First

One of the first things on your to-do list is a soil test. This can help you establish whether your soil is too alkaline, too acidic, or just right. It can also help you understand what your lawn has high levels of, dictating whether or not what you add to it next will do its job.

For example, if your grass has too much copper, it can lack nitrogen and iron. Too much nitrogen and it can lack copper. If your lawns are high in calcium, you may find it lacks magnesium, boron, iron, and potassium. However, if you have too much potassium in your grass, it’s likely to lack magnesium and calcium.

While lawn care can seem like a complicated science, it doesn’t have to. Lawn care experts and even your local garden store worker may be able to shed some light on the nutrients your lawn needs for brightness and vitality.


Tips on How to Save Paper Waste

Many people think up ways to save on products the use of which can be detrimental to the environment. By instigating sustainability procedures into your lifestyle, it is possible to reduce your use of paper, thus saving trees as well as saving waste from going into landfill.  Here are several ways to save on paper usage.

  • Undo presents carefully so you can re-use the paper for the next present you give someone else. Keep the wrapping and ribbons to reuse too.
  • Keep those strong envelopes that arrive in the mail and use them as needed. Simply glue the new address over your old one, then bend and staple the ends together, since the glue on them is no longer usable.


8 Easy Ways to Live Sustainably

If everyone followed at least a few sustainable living tips the world would be a better place.  Many people have good intentions, but find it too hard to change their lifestyle. However, by making just one change per month, you easily get into a new habit and before you know it, are doing many things that will make a big difference to the earth’s resources – and often to your own costs as well.

By starting small you won’t feel overwhelmed. Here are 8 easy steps towards sustainability.

  • Create an urban eco-pack to use when buying take-aways. It should contain a re-usable food container, eating utensils and a mug. This will enable you to refuse plastics, especially those that are disposable after only one use.


5 Ways Shade Sails are Sustainable

Sustainability is an important factor in many things these days, from recycling rubbish to building new homes or renovating older ones. If you are considering a renovation or addition to your home you will probably consider sustainability in at least some parts of it. Shade sails are considered sustainable for several reasons.

  • They use less material than an actual building that needs foundations and framework. This is due to the light weight of the sail that doesn’t need all that much support. It is also due to the design of it. Sails have that twist in them to prevent the wind from getting caught underneath and lifting them, which causes a great deal more wear and tear.