5 Best Hedges to Use for Landscaping

If you aren’t a landscaping expert, figuring out what plants to establish in your yard and where can be a challenge. It gets even more complicated when you’re trying to create hedges for a sense of charm in your space.

The best thing you can do before landscaping is to hire an expert. An experienced landscaping company like Intreeg Landscapes knows what to plant and how it will look in your yard before it even begins. However, if you want to do everything yourself, then you need to know which plants will be perfect for hedges.

Below is a list of the most common and preferred.


Buxus must be one of the most common and preferred plants for creating hedges. Buxus, or boxwood as people call it, is an evergreen shrub that people use all the time for sculpting and landscaping. You can shape it, use it as a border plant, and enjoy how little maintenance it requires. It’s also a plant that will thrive in full or partial sun and well-drained soil.

Weeping Bottlebrush

Weeping Bottlebrush, called Callistemon Viminalis, is a common hedge plant in windy and coastal regions. It grows in most soil types, in full sun or partial shade, and requires minimal pruning as they grow. What’s more, the Weeping Bottlebrush is an excellent option for hedging if you live somewhere prone to droughts or frost. It’s hardy and will tackle most weather head-on.