5 Tips For Sustaining Your Landscaped Garden During Drought Periods

One issue that homeowners with landscaped gardens have to deal with is periods of drought where there is little rain, and as such, they must take several steps to ensure that their landscape design is maintained appropriately. Several years ago this advice might only have applied to specific areas, however, across the world there are locations whose climate and thus their weather seems a whole lot different than 20 or so years ago.

Primarily, there are places where the word drought was barely mentioned, but where now it is fast becoming a common scenario, and many campaigners claim this is due to global warming and the climate change that it is creating. Whatever your views on climate change and the many claims and counterclaims that are made, you will know yourself what the reality is for your landscaped garden as to whether the amount of rainfall is sufficient or if droughts are more common.

The point is, to the plants, grass, and other faunas in your landscaped garden, opinions on climate change are irrelevant because they will thrive or perish depending on the reality of the amount of rainfall and hydration they receive. As such, you are the one that needs to take action should drought be an issue where you live. To assist you with that, here are five tips that can make those actions effective and beneficial for your landscaping and what grows within it.

Drought Tip #1 – Get Rid Of Clutter And Debris

To anyone that clears their garden of debris and clutter daily, ignore this tip other than continue to follow it. For everyone else, you must know clutter and debris in a garden are not conducive to healthy plants, nor to a thriving lawn. Pet’s and children’s toys, fallen leaves, litter, and other debris stop grass from breathing and it can also prevent precious nutrients and moisture from reaching roots during a drought.