3 Ways to Have a Swimming Pool Business

Swimming pools are not only fun for those that have them, they provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to have their own business. If you are tired of the 9-5 rat-race you may be considering going into business for yourself. A skill set that includes knowledge about installing or maintaining pools would point towards starting a business in that area.

Here are 3 different types of businesses you could have.

  • Purchase a swimming pool franchise. There are pros and cons for most franchises; you have to pay the ‘boss’ a percentage of your income as well as paying for the franchise and equipment needed. That said, it’s still often cheaper than going out on your own. And you get to use the name of the company which many people are familiar with and trust. Some offer training an ongoing advice. It’s wise to read the fine print carefully before signing up and make sure you understand what it means. If you don’t, take it to a solicitor and ask them to explain it.

  • You can establish your own pool cleaning and maintenance business simply through word of mouth if you work hard to establish a clientele. This can be almost free of start-up costs if you take it gradually. The income can vary due to seasonal changes, so you need to take that into account. That said, it might well fit in with another part-time job or business, such as handyman work, mowing lawns and gardening.
  • Installing pools. Pool installers need to have a certain amount of heavy equipment such as a truck and crane to deliver and lift the pool and an excavator to dig out the hole for it. So it will take a bit of start up money to purchase these if you don’t have them. This may be a good addition to another business that also requires an excavator, or you may be able to hire the equipment on a part-time basis. You’d need to work out the costs of doing so to find out whether it would be a viable operation.

A certain amount of training would be required to run such a business successfully, especially for the latter, where you’d need the ability to use the excavator safely, not to mention the crane to lift the prefabricated pool into its position. Mechanical skills would be needed to ensure all was set up properly.  Licences would also have to be applied for; a truck licence, licence for excavator use and one for installing pools.

It’s also important to take out the right kind of insurance when you have a business. Then if you are hurt, or if someone else is hurt while you are working you won’t end up losing money over it, but will have the risk covered.


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