Cleaning Your Carpets – DIY or Professional Cleaners?

There is a common belief, a misconception really, that hiring professionals for carpet cleaning is both inconvenient and costly. You can do it yourself. Just go out and hire a steam cleaner and browse through the local hardware store and buy a few stain removal products.

To be able to do a fair comparison between DIY and using professional cleaners we really need to look at the differences between the two actual processes used to clean the carpets so as we can draw a fairer conclusion.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Some of the activities involved in typical DIY cleaning are:

  • Vacuuming the carpet regularly
  • removing carpet stains by applying specific products you found in a store or researched online or were advised to use by friends and neighbours
  • hire or purchase equipment to clean your carpets

Vacuuming – It’s good housekeeping to vacuum regularly. Accumulated dust and dirt as well as micro-organisms need to be removed. Not only to keep the carpet clean but it helps to reduce indoor airborne allergens and improve the air quality.

Chemicals – Stain removers are made up of different chemicals. You need to be very aware of just what certain chemicals can do your carpet. Make a mistake during application and your carpet can be permanently damaged. Repair may be impossible and replacement is very expensive.

Hire or purchase equipment – Many people hire or even purchase carpet cleaning equipment. Before doing that you should check with the manufacturer or the carpet layer the most suitable method to use. As you know, your carpets are made from different materials and will need different methods to clean them.

Using Professionals to Clean your Carpet

Reputable professional carpet cleaning companies have already done their research and adopted the best cleaning methods that provide the safest and cleanest results. Their operators have been professionally trained, have loads of experience, and know the best way to handle different makes of carpet under many challenging conditions.

Professional companies usually charge based on the condition of the carpet. The dirtier it is then the longer to clean, obviously. You are generally given a quote and that also includes some movement of furniture. When you consider what quality of service you get for the cost, it can sometimes be a no-brainer to hire professional cleaners.


Going back to those misconceptions held about using professional carpet cleaners, it seems it would be cost comparative and certainly far more convenient. Sometimes, efforts to save a few dollars doesn’t seem worth it.

It might seem that DIY is cheaper but unless you have the skills and experience, it’s possible that you could further damage the carpets in your home.

Whichever way you prefer to have clean carpets, remember that regular vacuuming is a basic chore that will keep accumulated dust, dirt, bacteria, and micro-organisms at bay. If you opt for a professional, always check that they are a reputable carpet cleaning service.


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