Important Considerations in Choosing the Best Office Furniture

When you run a business you’ll need to have an office to work from and whether it’s at home or in a shopping complex that office will need to have special furniture from the furniture store. Just what kind and how much depends on what type of business you have and how big it is. At a minimum you’ll need to consider desks, chairs and storage. You may also need dedicated bench space for office equipment if it’s something that will be used by more than one person.

However, there is more to think about than the actual furniture.

First think along the lines of how much space you have and how many computer desks you’ll need to fit into it.  There is no point purchasing four huge desks to fit in a small space. Likewise, having four tiny desks when your office space is large will look silly.

So work out how many workstations you’ll need, how much office equipment will be needed to cater for each and then divide the room into that many. Is there enough room for the measurements of the desks you like best? Don’t forget to leave enough space for storage cabinets.

You also need to consider whether the office will be used for interviewing clients and if so whether you need comfortable seating for them such as a sofa or at least, an easy chair. Will the office be used for snacks or meals as well as work? If so, easy chairs and a table or two will keep crumbs out of keyboards.

Looks are not everything in furniture. If it looks fantastic but is not functional, forget it. This is a working space and functionality is the most important thing to consider, otherwise people will get frustrated, no matter how pretty the furniture is.  Ergonomics is another important consideration. No one wants a pretty pink chair that is uncomfortable to sit in and cannot be adjusted.

Comfort is important. When you or your employees are comfortable they will stay sitting down and be much more productive. If they are uncomfortable it will interfere with both their concentration and their productivity. It can also make them cranky and difficult to get on with.

Don’t forget, the office is where you’ll spend at least a third of your life, maybe more, so you want it to be comfortable as well as functional and durable.

Lighting is another important factor in the office. Mostly you can’t move the light, so it’s important that each workstation is positioned to get light at the right angle. If you have light windows but dark blinds, you might want to change them to lighter blinds. That way you’ll have better lighting but still be able to cut the glare. You might also consider using laptops or PCs with non-reflexive screens.


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