Questions to Ask Your Potential Transport Company

There are many reasons why you may want to send large items across the country or even internationally.  To do so it’s important to do a little research in order to choose the right freight or transport company for your needs. This will most likely need to be done online, because that is where all the information is. Taking a stab in the phonebook is not recommended because there will not be enough details there.

Once you’ve found some websites for companies transporting goods, read them with these 3 questions in mind.

  • Are they experienced in shipping the kind of product you have? There is no point in choosing a company equipped with one-tonners to freight a bulldozer or something else that is too large to fit on their trucks. Nor should you choose a company that is used to freighting livestock to take care of valuable antiques that are fragile and require special packaging and handling. Find a company to fit your product.

  • If you are shipping something overseas, do they have experience in shipping to your destination? The import/export laws are different for every country and they must be adhered to. If your parcel has to go through several different countries, all the laws must be followed, plus your own Australian laws. A company with experience in meeting these regulations is essential to ensure there are no problems or hold-ups with your goods.
  • Do they have any references from companies or other people who have used them? It is preferable to find references from a company since you can then check that it actually exists. You can contact the company then, and ask them how they found their freight company. Personal references are easy to make up and impossible to check. However, sometimes you can get a sense of falseness or sincerity from the way they are written.

If there is not enough detail on the websites to answer them you can choose to email or call them, or simply go to another website.

Once you’ve chosen two or three companies, email or phone them and talk about your product and what you need from them. A quality company will be sure to get back to you  promptly and be able to tell you a great deal about how they will go about taking care of your transport needs.

They won’t be hesitant in telling you what is needed when it comes to sending stuff overseas, or what you need to do to get that parcel safely on its way. Once you’ve found the best company for your needs, you’ll have peace of mind sending those precious goods out of your care and across the country or the sea.


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