The Benefits of Limestone Blocks for Landscaping and Home Design

Limestone blocks are some of the oldest building materials from the beginning of human civilization. Historians have recorded its use in ancient times when Egyptians cut limestone blocks cut straight from quarries to build the pyramids. Today, landscaping and home design is not complete without limestone blocks. Here are some benefits of using limestone blocks as material for your landscape and home design.

  1. Limestone blocks is one of the most readily obtainable building materials. Many companies located near limestone quarries readily offer limestone blocks that come in various grades, sizes, and colours. Because limestone blocks are relatively easy to cut, they also come cheaper compared to granite, marble and other types of stones.
  2. Apart from their ready availability, limestone blocks are also some of the least expensive types of stones used as building material. With a relatively high supply of limestone blocks in the market, they are typically low costing. If you have a tight budget for your home makeover, limestone can indeed be your best friend.

  1. Because limestone is cut straight from the quarries rather than made from powders, it is durable and strong. On top of minimal cost for replacement, limestone blocks are weather resistant and can survive many years without expanding, eroding or cracking. Nevertheless, when it comes to flooring, a sealant is required to ensure it will not soak up to water, which can lead to staining.
  2. Limestone blocks are one of the easiest materials to use for your home projects. Very easy to cut, install and use, limestone blocks are the best materials for the do-it-yourself homeowner — whether you intend to cover your home’s walls with a limestone finish, pave your driveway with limestone, or lay limestone bricks on your patio.
  3. Unlike common bricks which have a uniform size, limestone blocks come in many shapes and sizes. With each block having a unique texture, form and size in terms of length and width, limestone blocks can add variety to your home’s walls, patios, or driveways. Indeed, installing them would feel like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.
  4. While limestone blocks have natural colours, they are not averse to being painted over and will in fact hold paint well. Limestone blocks will soak up the first coat but will need less maintenance in terms of paint in contrast to other building materials. Using bright colour paint is best to highlight the limestone’s grain and texture.
  5. Limestone is a good material for regions with hotter weather because they are cool underfoot. By absorbing the heat, limestone blocks can keep your floor cooler inside and out when compared to other building materials. This way, you can keep your home interior cool naturally without acquiring air conditioning.

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