Using a Pergola as a Porch

If you were abandoning that good idea of adding a porch to your home due to the cost, wait up. Many patios can be used for a front porch or a back porch, partly because they are much more affordable than having one made from brick or timber, which is more like an extension to the home with a similar price tag.

Using a pergola as a porch is a great idea that can really change the look and feel of the home. It can give you a sheltered place to relax and even make the house cooler, especially if you add shade cloth or shade blades, which can be opened or shut according to the weather. Shade blades can be added to the walls as well as the ceiling for the ultimate in pergola convenience.

Light rain, sun, glare and nosy neighbours can all be kept out with shade blades, but they let in fresh air, a cool breeze and sun if you want it. If you have the pergola installed right against the front of the house it will look just like a porch and offer almost the same benefits. You’ll be able to grow more delicate plants that don’t like too much hot sun under the pergola.

You’ll also be able to have a pergola for an outdoor room if installed at the back. Here you can fire up the barbie and have a comfortable place to eat your meal, sheltered from inclement weather of all kinds. You can entertain friends, throw parties or shoo the kids out to play under the pergola while you get a little down time. Only trouble is the pergola is such a pleasant place to be you’ll more likely go out and join the kids.

Many homes have no porch and this makes them look quite bare. Some don’t even have a shelter over the front door, which can be quite annoying when it is raining and you can’t find the front door key. Adding a pergola will enhance the look of the home and help you stay dry and protected while getting that key out.

Around the back, it is an ideal place to sit while reading or doing crafts. If you start to feel a bit hot, you just click the switch and close the shade blades. Enhancing your lifestyle will surely make you feel happier and more relaxed, the recipe for better health. It will also add value to the home so that if you can ever bear to sell it, you should get a good price.

So don’t despair at the price of a porch for your home; look into pergolas because they can be used in so many ways.


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