Why Hire A Professional Kitchen Designer?

According to experienced cabinet makers Colray Cabinets, kitchens are called the heart of a house for a reason! A kitchen is an integral part of any household. The kitchen design reflects the color preferences, attitude, personality, and style of the people residing in the house. A professional kitchen designer can enlighten your kitchen space with innovative ideas and contemporary trends.

Designing a kitchen includes much more than finding a space to keep tools and appliances. It involves choosing the right material and appropriate devices; working out electrical and plumbing configurations, as well as determining a layout for storage cabinets and essential kitchen elements. A professionally executed kitchen design puts all these pieces together to get most innovative and useful kitchen spaces.

A professional kitchen designer can guide you in planning your budget for kitchen remodeling wisely. He/she can help you to avoid mistakes while making the space beautiful as well as functional. Taking professional assistance also opens up new doors to specialized resources.

Kitchen renovation ideas often involve various styles. An important factor to consider while designing your kitchen is that the same style must be incorporated throughout the house. Most popular Kitchen styles include:

  • Country – This style mainly uses open shelves and pot racks and reminds of a farmhouse.
  • Shaker- This style uses wooden counters to keep it straightforward and utilitarian.
  • Contemporary – This style is simple and sleek without any ornamentation.
  • French country- This style applies soft colors and large furniture to create warm and ornate ambiance.
  • Eclectic – This style combines eye-catching designs with unique features to create a fun-filled whimsical spaces.
  • Arts & crafts – This style uses natural wood tones and glass doors to develop a creative and artistic scheme.

It is always advisable to, either stick with a single style throughout or use two complementing styles. Mixing an ultra modern style with country layout may not look appealing and will interrupt the flow of the entire house. Professional, specialized designers help you create innovative kitchen designs based on best practices and layout principles. Their excellent craftsmanship, year’s long experience and superior renovation services can transform any ho-hum kitchen space into a lively energizing architectural design.

Kitchen designing and remodeling is a cumbersome job that must be left on the shoulders of an experienced professional kitchen designer. Keep following things in mind before approaching or hiring a kitchen design professional:

  • Read magazines to get an idea about the latest styles and technology.
  • Visit some great kitchen spaces.
  • Check online reviews and client feedback for kitchen designing service providers.
  • Outline your requirements; whether you want a modular kitchen, more space for appliances, better lighting, changed tiles, or improvised colors and windows.
  • Estimate budget and timelines.
  • Identify warranties and insurance coverage.

With the right person appointed for your kitchen design and remodeling project, you can remain worry-free and count on having a stylish, functional kitchen!


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