Instant Lawn – Instant Satisfaction

You’re standing there looking at your lawn, which has gone the bald side of patchy, and the weeds, which you despairingly pulled out a couple of weeks ago have come back for a second invasion, and your thoughts are on a concrete rock garden or maybe some turf by way of instant lawn.

Replacing your lawn with a new, healthy instant one is not only being clever, it’s also keeping up with the millennials who just love immediate gratification!

Removing the оld lаwn.

Thеrе are a fеw options hеrе. If it’s just a small lawn, and you’re reasonably fit, or at least think you are, then grab a mattock and apply a bit of elbow grеаѕе and dig uр the оld lаwn. Try to get it all. Fоr lаrgеr lawns, it’s best to hire some great machinery, such as turf cutter. This machine removes the lawn in strips a few centimetres below the ground in long strips. You just roll up the strips of grass and throw them out. If you leave them on the front verge these days, somebody, who thinks the strips are perfect for their gardening project, will be kind enough to remove them for you. Another option is a rotary hoe which will loosen the the lawn enough to rake it up and remove it.

Your Top Sоіl

There might be a reason your lawn wasn’t looking too good anyway. Check the soil. Free draining loamy soil and lawns get on very well. If you have soil that tends to get a bit water-logged, then mix in the good stuff. You might even want to add some compost type material.

Lawn Levels

You mow your lawn? Of course you do. A nice level lawn, allowing for natural contours, makes for easy mowing. So, rake the soil and remove clumps, stones and any other debris. If you want to go to the extremes, then use a two metre length of timber and screed off the soil to make sure you get it super level.


There’s nothing like adding a bit of slow release fertiliser to the soil, raking it in, and as a result giving the lawn a bit of a leg-up to get it going in the best of health at the start.

Lауіng thе lawn.

This is the best part. All that preparation work is absolutely essential to having a great looking lawn in next to no time. There is some debate as to the best way to lay the instant rolls. Lay it in long lines or in a brick fashion, row by row and across slopes. It’s best to get some expert advice here, but remember, the lawn will eventually grow across lines which will disappear over time.


Trees and corners can be negotiated by cutting around them with a small hand saw or even a bread knife.

Rolling thе lаwn.

It’s a good idea to bed the lawn in and that can best be done by using a lawn roller. Maybe you can do a deal with the local hire shop – a lawn roller and a turf cutter sounds like a discount. Adhesion to the soil and the removal of airpockets can be done with the roller.


The new lawn as well as the soil will need a good soak. It’s advisable to do this every day for a few weeks until the lawn has established itself and set some healthy roots. You can reduce the watering to once a week or twice a week in the summer. However, the climate you are living in will determine both frequency and quantity.


Extruda Wood