Types of Removalists

Choosing the right removalists is an essential step in planning a successful move. However, if you are not conversant with the type of movers available in Australia, the step can be more confusing than normal. For this reason, we have compiled this quick guide to make the process less stressful.


Before selecting a mover, you must clearly determine the type on move to be undertaken. Moves can be classified as;

Local Move

This means relocation from a point A to a point B which doesn’t cross the interstate line. Besides, this move can be defined based on the distance, as moving from point A to a point B which is within 50 to 100 miles.

Long distance move

It’s a move that is more than 100 miles but within one state.

Interstate move

As the name suggests, this is relocating from one state to another irrespective of the distance. The price of an interstate move depends on the weight of the inventory and the type of service selected (self-service or full service).

International move

This is moving from one country to another. This will require the help of a reputable company, like Removalists Melbourne, that specializes in executing international moves.

Small local move

This is a local move that involves an inventory of not more than 2000 pounds.


Once you determine the type of move, the next step is getting a company that is best-suited for your needs. Here are the types of moving companies in Australia;

Full-service movers

This is the type of moving company that will do everything. They will do the packing, loading delivering, unloading, and unpacking the inventory for you. This is a dream service for many but some people feel their good are secure if they are involved in the process.

Self-services movers

This is more of DIY moving service. The company will let you pack the inventory but they will load, deliver, and unload at the new home. Before hiring this type of movers, confirm the level of coverage just in case your belongings are damaged. Some loaders will only accept liability of the boxes they packed.

Do it yourself Truck Rental

With this type of moving service, all the aspects of the process are yours. You will pack, load, deliver, unload, and unpack the goods. The company will only provide the truck and some basic moving equipment.

Since you are to drive the truck or contract some else to drive you must take the necessary precautions as well as ensure you got good insurance.

Specialized movers

These are the movers that are hired to move items that require special care like automobiles, antiques, wine collections, works of art, pianos, and pool tables. It should be known that not every full-service mover has the capability to handle these special items.  For this reason, you should confirm the type of service that will be offered by a full-service company and if you require the services of a specialized mover.

Commercial movers

Commercial movers specialize in moving offices, shops, and business.


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